Compatible with all EIA-31 0 compliant 19’’ equipment and all types of servers / brands will fit in ServerMAX server cabinets.

Offers protection from humidity, dust and provides a secure enclosure.

ServerMAX server cabinets provide efficient passive ventilation with vented structures of front and rear doors. Front and rear doors are 63% perforated for high-density cooling which meets or exceeds server manufacturer’s ventilation requirements. If required, standard doors may be replaced with plexi-perpex doors. ServerMAX enclosures can be joined together simply using a baying kit.

ServerMAX ( 600x1000 - 800x1000 mm )


If additinoal space is required, ServerMAX 800x1000 JUMBO cabinets are available.

All ServerMAX cabinets are compatible with a wide range of accessories and product enhancements.

Colour options : RAL 7035 light grey / RAL 9005 black.

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